Born in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, and moved to Beijing during the year of Yung-Le of the Ming Dynasty, Yue traveled through the streets as he sold medicines and worked as a doctor. Later, Yue succeeded to get a job in Imperial Academy of Medicine as the professor of medicine. Then, Yue founded the “TongRen Tang Pharmacy ” in 1669, where collect therapies from common folks to the people in the court, and made all the medicines through the motto as “do things preciously, sell merchandise honestly.” Continuing working in the TongRen Tang Pharmacy, his son, Feng-Ming Yue, moved the Pharmacy to the front door of southern Da Zhalan Road in 1702. Thanks to all the effort of making medicines through the Yue′s Family, Feng-Ming Le edited the book, “the Yue’s Recipe and adjustment of pills, powder, adhesive plaster and dan”. As “Making medicines according to the professional edition, checking the origin of all medical plants, never mention to reduce manpower, and never reduce medicinal herbal materials due to the cost.”, the training rules has been referred in the book, “though no one else has seen, doing the right things will be watched by the God.” was mentioned as well. 
1723, emperor Yongzheng of the Qing dynasty appointed TongRen Tang Pharmacy as the specialized pharmacy of the Court, then, during 188 years long, making medicines for eight emperors, TongRen Tang Phamarcy has invented the famous Chinese medicine such as An-Gong Calculus bovis pill, Calculus bovis Qin-Shin pill, Wuji Baifeng Wan, etc.
In the year 2013, as TongRen Tang Pharmacy passed the torch to the 14th generation, Jue-Shin Yue, as using the advantages of international society, modern, and the professional human resources, “Yue′s Tong-Ren Pharmaceutical Technology Group” established in Taiwan. Excepting for the reputation of brand and the prize of the production, the 14th generation, Jue-Shin Yue has developed his own product and value in the Chinese medicine culture.



經過樂氏兩代人的奮鬥,傳至四世樂顯揚於清代當上了清太醫院吏目,號尊育,“誥封登仕郎太醫院吏目,晉封文林郎,贈中憲大夫”。結束了樂氏祖傳的鈴醫生涯。 康熙八年(1669年)四世樂顯揚創辦同仁堂藥室,堂名“同仁”,由樂顯揚親自擬定並立“同仁堂”匾,故康熙八年應為同仁堂肇始之時,樂顯揚為北京同仁堂肇始之祖,1688年(清康熙二十七年)樂顯楊逝世。之子樂鳳鳴恪守父訓,接續祖業,於康熙四十年(1702年)在北京前門外大柵欄路南開設同仁堂藥鋪,並提出“遵肘後,辨地產,炮製雖繁必不敢省人工、品味雖貴必不敢減物力”。為同仁堂製作藥品建立起嚴格的選方、用藥、配比及工藝規範。在社會各階層迅速樹立起良好信譽。自此樂氏同仁開始長達三百多年的中醫藥傳承,歷史悠久,至今依然长期不懈的追求。

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